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About Wild at Heart - Charlie Armour

Appreciating the Beauty of Nature

After many years as a professional gardener I became interested in flower farming and this has developed up to my current status of offering fresh flowers locally and, increasingly, more focus on providing a varied stock of dried flowers, grasses and seedheads. 

The benefits of using British Flowers are many but include:

  • an appreciation of the seasons, particularly with fresh flowers but using dried allows our reverence to linger for longer

  • a reduced carbon footprint compared with imports as little energy is used to produce the flowers or to transport them

  • no chemicals are used here and that is a huge bonus over imported flowers which are often drenched in them during cultivation and also for transport, many to toxic levels

  • support for the British economy and particularly smaller businesses

  • a greater range of unusual and interesting blooms, often scented, another quality often lacking with commercial sales

I grow all my flowers, grasses and seedheads here in North Somerset on land where the soil and the life that lives on and around it is respected and nurtured. Absolutely no pesticides are used at any point in the process.​

I believe in doing as much as I can to lessen any harm caused to our beautiful planet and this theme is continued through to the packaging where as much is as recyclable as possible. Flowers shouldn't cost the Earth! Enjoy!! 

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