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A variety of different shades and forms of the classic blue fragrant flower


To avoid having separate entries for each lavender version I have assigned colours to each of the types (in brackets below), which you will see when you come to select one.

Stems counts are approximate


In the 'family line up' photo, from left to right:


Long chunky heads, flowers tight at top of stem (light blue dot). Stem count 70 for 50 and 55cm, 35 for 35cm


Long chunky heads, flowers spread more along stem (mid blue dot). Stem count 70 for 45cm, 60 for 35cm, 70 for 25cm


Long slim heads (blue dot). Stem count 70 for 50cm, 80 for 40cm


Dark blue (dark blue dot, 30-40cm). Stem count 120


Dark blue, suitable for wreath filler (dark blue dot, 25cm). Stem count 150


PriceFrom £5.00
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